My Hobby - Eating

I come from China so I love Chinese food the best. Try different types of food is a pleasant thing for me when I feel stressful.

Mapo Tofu

Mapo tofu is a type of delicious homemade dishes.

Beijing Duck

I live in Beijing for 18 years, and Beijing Duck is one of the most famous food in Beijing.

Bamboo Rice

A special type of rice is made in bamboo, and it is super delicious.

My Major - Physics

I LOVE Physics. I cannot imagine myself studying other majors. Exploring the general principles of the universe is my pursuit of life.

Future Specialization - Astrophysics

Doing astrophysics is my dream since childhood. Night sky and constellations are so mysterious and awe-inspiring. Comparing to universe, we seem to be so small.

Please click "Video Time!" to learn more about the art of astrophysics :D

Future Specialization - Biophysics

Biophysics gradually becomes my interest since biophysics can study human body, develop more precise technology, and eventually save more lives.

Want to know what biophysicists do? Click on "Learn More"!

My Hobby - Gamelan Music

Gamelan music comes from Indonesia. I started enjoy Gamelan music since I stumbled upon a Gamelan concert in the Musics Bowl at UCSB. Then I joined the Gamelan class and the band at UCSB.

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